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Panel Building

As primary Control System Integrator Company focused on control system and software, we spent a lot of engineering hours on sites solving problems related to panel designed and assembled by others. To avoid that and maintain the quality during whole process we start to design and build panels for ours projects in-house. Now, twenty years later, we provide panel building services as extension to our system business.

Our success in panel building is based on:

  • Advanced Design software

  • Efficient Business operations

  • Quality Control

  • Dedicated and experienced people

  • Great Technical Support


Proper design and planning are critical to any production process. These first steps determine how easily and efficiently the production process will flow. When you get it right, panel building looks simple. If you in addition use the right tool effects can be even better.

Use of Advanced Design tools improve not just efficiency in design phase but also can provide significant time savings at the workshop transferring digitally engineered data directly to production machines.

Our production process is designed to use such possibilities and we continuously strive to improve it and additionally increase our efficiency.

To avoid problems from the beginning of this article (and to verify our operations) we control panel building process at 7 points. That ensures early detection of possible problems and reduce later costs.

Team of experienced technicians and supporting engineers in combination with all above mentioned provides quality at good price.

Exactly what you are looking for. Isn’t it?

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