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Challenges and obstacles

When the life of your system is nearing end due to fewer spare parts and lack of support, it's time to migrate.

With every change and update, even in a modern system, problems arise. At the beginning there is an initial fear of change. If you are unsure of what will happen, good or bad, you may fear failure. Therefore, you want to avoid this change and will deny that there is a problem that still needs to be changed


Our professional team has extensive experience with change processes in the field of software migration and can help you to lead this process successfully.

Based on decades of experience in automation, DTE has been offering its customers comprehensive migration solutions for outdated management systems to newer and more efficient ones for many years and uses the opportunity to increase their added value by integrating new and improved functions of the new system. There are several reasons why DTE is the best choice for performing your migration:

DTE is a certified Siemens Solution Partner for Building Products, with a specially trained team for various system migration projects (Desigo Insight, Desigo CC, Siclimat X).

We are currently implementing several projects with different requirements. In addition, the experience of the parent company (ATO), in cooperation with Siemens and other customers, has positioned us as a reliable partner for projects in the oil and gas, energy, district heating, food industry and building technology for more than 20 years.

With a capacity of over 40 professionals, we can simultaneously carry out several projects in different parts of Europe and the world. With our setup in Southeast Europe we are able to handle projects very cost-efficiently.

Preparing your migration:

# 1 backup

Create a backup of all applications (DDC, management station, network setup). Backing up the latest versions of all applications is critical to the migration process. Without this, migration is not possible - only a reconstruction of the project can be realized.

# 2 license copy

Make copies of all license files. We have repeatedly found that management systems or other software products are not technically licensed to the end user. Make sure you have valid licenses for your project.

# 3 list of requirements

Make a list of your requirements and ideas which you would like to change in your system. Ideally, system operators and the responsible maintenance personnel can be involved in this process. If necessary, add problems and system errors to the list. Highlight the parts of the system that are no longer needed or used. Add the new features you want to use to the list. An example of this would be sending an alarm message to a mobile phone or tablet. Be creative! New technologies offer many options and possibilities with which the productivity and efficiency of your system can be increased and plant maintenance can be simplified.

#4 Quotation request for your migration

So far, requirements and specifications for migration have been mentioned, but in total they are not entirely sufficient to calculate the most accurate offer possible. This does not mean that we, as a qualified system partner, cannot make an offer, but the more unknowns and assumptions have to be made, the more reserves we have to hold as a supplier. This raises the question of who can give the best estimate or who is willing to take unforeseeable risks.

A detailed offer request enables you to receive a tailor-made offer that meets your actual requirements. It is crucial that expectations are clearly defined. As long as the request for quotation is detailed, the final results will be as you imagine and not as the system partner interpreted your request.

A detailed inquiry provides you with an exact budget and a precise schedule for planning, in order to be able to track your planned migration.

We would be happy to work out the exact migration process, including project definition, with you!

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