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Control System Integrator


We are Siemens Building Technology Solution Partner with knowladge of System migration Desigo PX, Desigo CC and Desigo Insight. Thanks to countles number of projects with industrial systems from Siemens such as Teleperm XP, Simatic S5, S7 and third-party systems, we can offer the best possible service, especially when migrating old systems

Building Automation

We accompany our customers on the way to an intelligent building. We offer our commercial, institutional and industrial clients control solutions based on Desigo CC, PX and Simatic technology.

As a Siemens Solution Partner, we can support the integration of various building systems. Including HVAC, lighting, access control and video surveillance.

DTE (Digi Tech Engineering) is the fastest and most efficient way to update your HVAC system in order to use all the advantages of intelligent building automation.

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Panel Building

DTE offers the planning and manufacture of control, low-voltage, distribution and MCC cabinets, as well as the creation of associated project documentation.

In addition to the classic variant (mounting the components on a base plate or swivel frame), we also offer cabinets with slide-in technology (Sivacon S8), in which the components are mounted in separate panels / drawers for higher system availability.

Our team of experienced technicians and a controlled, well-designed manufacturing process enable us to manufacture cabinets to the highest standards.


Industry Automation

DTE is the ideal partner for industrial automation projects.

We have a wide range of knowledge and experience, which we have collected and demonstrated in a number of challenging projects worldwide.

We have references from the following areas:

  •     Power generation

  •     Oil & gas industry

  •     Water extraction / wastewater treatment

  •     Food and beverage industry


The entire range of services, which we can map (from the idea, through the design, to application development and implementation), offers various possibilities for cooperation.

Contact us to find the optimal solution for your requirements!



We offer migration services for management systems in buildings (Desigo Insight, Desigo CC, Siclimat X) and industrial plants (Simatic S5-S7, Simatic PCS7, Teleperm XP).

With our knowledge and experience, we support you to raise your customer's management system to a new level and thus improve it sustainably.

We act as a migration center for Siemens partners who need support and advice on the implementation of migration projects. In coordination, we also offer on-site support and commissioning at the end customer. Of course, we respect the confidentiality of your customers.


Solution Partner

Building Technologies

Companies who have gained "Solution Partner" status are fully trained in the application, engineering and commissioning of the DESIGO building automation and control system. From planning to engineering, installation, and maintenance or pure product delivery – Siemens partners skillfully serve your needs.

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